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re: Anniversary Festival Quests for Essence Items


As in recent festivals, there are wrapper quests for doing Anniversary Festival quests that reward with items useful for level-cap characters.

There is a daily repeatable quest Another Lovely Year, which requires you to do 7 festival quests. Unfortunately, as in previous festivals, it does not autobestow so you must pick it up from Waldo Rumble at the Party Tree before completing any quests.

It rewards a Pouch of Ithilien Essence Fragments. So far, I've gotten 1 or 2 Ithilien Essence Fragments and an occasional Scrap of an Essence Reclamation Scroll. Both are bound to character and can be bartered. 4 Ithilien Essence Fragments will get you a North Ithilien Essence Box, which is Bound to Account. 3 Scraps of an Essence Reclamation Scroll will get you an Essence Reclamation Scroll, which is not bound. If you have or will have level cap characters, you can earn the essence boxes on any character, even low level ones, and pass them to characters that can use them. Essence Reclamation Scrolls can be passed, traded or sold. Lower-level characters can barter these in Bree during the festival.

There is another quest A Yearly Yield (Intro), which requires you to do Another Lovely Year 3 times. It rewards with a Scrap of an Essence Reclamation Scroll and an essence crafting item of your choice. There are 7 items to choose from, one corresponding to each craft profession (except prospector, forester and farmer). The recipes are basic for Anorien tier crafters, so choose one you can use. The rare items are not bound, so can be sold or passed to an appropriate crafter. The scheme for upgrading essences allows any Ithilien Essence to be upgraded by any Anorien crafter (and turned into a different essence in the process, if desired, since the result of the crafting is a token to be bartered for a new essence box).

There are three tiers of A Yearly Yield, each requiring you to do Another Lovely Year three times.

It is relatively easy to get the 7 quests per day. The Fireworks in Bree quest, although only available when it is dark in-game, has a 30 minute cooldown. Each quest in the Gift quest cycle counts as a separate quest. The quests reset twice a week, so you can save some to do on a different day if you've reached 7. Fireworks in the Shire at the Methel-Stage repeats every 10 minutes day or night. The Mightiest Blow in the Thorin's Hall Arena is also repeatable.

I will update this post as I find out more information as the days progress.

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