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Finding more daily quests in Minas Tirith After the Battle

by Michaleo, 15 days ago

They have added more daily quests to Minas Tirith After the Battle. I didn't see them at first, but lotro-wiki now explains how they work:


There is a wrapper quest you get from Imrahil out front of Minas Tirith After the Battle (MTAtB). Note that that's a specific version of Minas Tirith you get to by clicking on a horse in normal Minas Tirith (aka Minas Tirith Before the Battle). The wrapper quest enables the dailies and you can do up to 4 per day. Imrahil and Hurin (next to him) offer 6 quests in the first set.

You need to complete each quest in the first set at least once to unlock an interlude quest from Imrahil. There isn't a deed to show which quests you've done, so you may want to keep track until you complete the set so you can be sure you get them all. The interlude quest will count as one of the 4 dailies if you do it while you have the wrapper quest active. You can also do it without the wrapper quest.

Once you've done the interlude quest, the second set of quests becomes available. You need to get the wrapper quest from Imrahil, then go up to the Houses of Healing on the Sixth Tier (take the swift horse in MTAtB). Torchun is wandering outside and offers 3 quests. Ioreth is inside the High Hall and offers 2 quests.

When you've done each of those 5 at least once, you'll get another interlude from Imrahil, then 3 more quests will be available from Aragorn (in the High Hall near Ioreth) and 2 from Bergil (outside).

By the way, when you're by the Houses of Healing, be sure to keep going clockwise because the Door of Fen Hollen is open, so you can visit Silent Street in the landscape.  In fact, that's an area where you can collect moss for one of the dailies.

Update 8/24/2016: The third and last interlude for the deed is available starting today. but no new dailies.



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